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Inner Ear Infection

inner_ear_infectionAn inner ear infection can be one of the most painful sinus drainage-related problems. Part of the inner ear is made up of an extensive series of small passages called the vestibular system. This system is responsible for helping you balance when walking or moving. The labyrinths of the inner ear can become inflamed due to infection or other causes. This condition is formally known as labyrinthitis. Continue reading

Sphenoid Sinusitis

Sphenoid Sinusitis and Sinus Drainage The sphenoid sinuses are usually the smallest sinus cavities. They’re located just behind the nasopharynx, the passage that connects the back of the nose to the back of your mouth. Sphenoid sinusitis is an inflammation of the sphenoid sinuses. It can result from a variety of causes—including bacterial or viral infections, allergies, or autoimmune issues.

Infections are by far the most common cause. Because of the location of the sphenoid sinuses, this type of sinusitis is often very difficult to diagnose and treat. It can also be very dangerous. Like other sinus issues, encouraging sinus drainage is critical.

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Sinus Drainage Sore Throat

One of the most common and aggravating symptoms of sinusitis is a sore throat. A sinus drainage sore throat is especially frustrating because the main cause—mucus draining from the sinuses into the throat—is  hard to prevent. While decongestant medicines may help alleviate sinus pressure and congestion in the sinuses, they can often aggravate a sore throat by increasing the amount of mucus draining into the throat.

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Sinus Drainage Symptoms

Sinus Drainage SymptomsSome daily sinus drainage is normal. The sinuses produce a small amount of mucus every day, which may drain through the nose or down the back of the throat. However, when the sinuses become inflamed due to a cold, bacterial infection, or allergies, the drainage may increase significantly. Sinus drainage symptoms are easy to observe.

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How to Stop Sinus Drainage

Since I’ve dealt with sinus issues for so long, people often ask me how to stop sinus drainage altogether. The answer is, it’s impossible! More important, it wouldn’t be helpful. The sinuses are one of the body’s key ways of fighting infections. But if you’re suffering from sinus issues, you CAN help your body return to normal levels of drainage.

Before trying to remedy common sinus problems, it’s important to understand what the sinuses are and how they work. If you already know all this, skip to the third section of this article.

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Sinus Arrhythmia Explained

In simple terms, sinus arrhythmia is a natural change in the heart’s rhythm caused by breathing. Usually, respiratory sinus arrhythmia is a sign of a healthy heart. When you inhale, your heartbeat speeds up, and when you exhale it slows down again. Sinus arrhythmia can occur in patients of any age, but is found most frequently in children and professional athletes, who have excellent cardiovascular conditioning. Although it is only loosely related to sinus drainage, abnormal sinus arrhythmia can be one of the most complicated and dangerous sinus-related problems.

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Is a Sinus Infection Contagious?

Is a Sinus Infection Contagious?One of the most common sinus drainage questions I receive seems simple: “Is a sinus infection contagious?” Yet, while the question seems simple, the answer is a bit more complex.

Is a Sinus Infection Contagious? – The Short, Simple Answer

Is a sinus infection contagious? The short answer to this question is a resounding “no.” A sinus infection is an ongoing inflammation of the sinuses caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Since swelling and inflammation aren’t contagious, neither is a sinus infection.
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