Draining Sinuses – 5 Secrets from an ENT

Recently, I had a chance to speak with an ENT about sinus drainage. In my experience, Dr. Walter Rao was unique because he suffers from chronic sinus problems himself. He was able to combine his medical knowledge with his own experience of actually suffering from chronic sinus issues to learn what works best. Here are five “secrets” he gave me for draining sinuses easily:

Draining Sinuses Easily:

  1. Do a Sinus Rinse Every Day – It’s no secret that ENTs love to recommend sinus rinses. But you shouldn’t just do them when you’re sick, says Dr. Rao. “Performing a daily sinus rinse will keep your sinuses healthy, clean, and moist. It’s a great way to prevent infections before they even start,” he said.
  2. Get an Air Purifier – An air purifier can be great for draining sinuses. “Aside from sinus rinses, the single most effective thing I’ve tried is running an air purifier in my bedroom at night,” says Dr. Rao. “It works by removing common allergins like dust and pollen from the air.” For the record, I’ve had a very similar experience. I noticed a difference in easily draining sinuses just a few days after getting my Winix PlasmaWave 5300. Once you try one, you’ll notice a world of difference!
  3. Switch Between Allergy Meds – “Every antihistamine is a little bit different,” says Dr. Rao, “so it can help to switch between them.” Apparently different antihistamines can prevent different types of allergies. “There’s no silver bullet yet, so it can help to switch off,” he stated. He also notes that you shouldn’t take two allergy medicines at the same time, but switching between one on one day and other the next can work wonders.
  4. Drink More Water Than You Want To – It’s a common recommendation to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This may not be enough for chronic sinus sufferers, says Dr. Rao. “The sinuses tend to get infected when they get dry and the mucus becomes thick, preventing sinus drainage.” Drinking more the minimum recommended 8 glasses will keep things moist and work wonders.
  5. Exercise – Exercise isn’t just important for your overall health. It can also reduce sinus inflammation and helps with draining sinuses easily. “Believe it or not, ‘sweating it out’ can actually work,” says Dr. Rao.

A Few Other Notes for Draining Sinuses:

If you’re having trouble with draining sinuses, Dr. Rao had a few last parting words of wisdom. “The key is to keep trying,” he notes. “Eventually you’ll find something that works for draining your sinuses.” But if you haven’t tried Dr. Rao’s five tips, try those first. “I’d rather not do surgery if I don’t have to,” Dr. Rao said. “Most of these issues can be solved with conscientious daily maintenance.” Draining sinuses takes practice, but you’ll figure it out if you keep trying.